Tim Elliott – Customer Architect

Hello, I’m Tim Elliott. Let me introduce myself. 

A bit of my history:

I have been in this game called marketing for 20 years or more.  It started off for me when the internet was in it’s weird teenage years, where most marketing was still done face to face and based on truly building relationships because it was bloody hard to find and reach the ideal customers compared to today.

In 2004 I joined a web design agency where I spent 6 great years getting really into the online world with a real passion for the marketing side rather than the coding and design elements. After that awesome education in marketing 2010, I went self-employed as a freelance marketing consultant and have come full circle from there.

After a few great years working mainly in social media and marketing strategy, I started a niche agency in 2012 which was acquired in 2014 and went back to the work I enjoy most as a marketing consultant. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with a wide variety of companies from premier league football clubs, FMCG brands, manufacturers & engineers, start-ups, professional services organisations and large pub companies. I also have taught CIM and guest lectured on marketing and entrepreneurship at local colleges and universities.

What I do today:

Today I spend my time working with companies who want to grow and create remarkable customer experiences through my design thinking company FYI.

You will notice that the word marketing is not in that last sentence about what I do for a living now. That’s is because I believe Marketing is broken (it’s 2017 as I write this) Let me explain.

If you lined up 90% of the marketing agencies out there right now and removed all the branding they would be indistinguishable from each other. Marketing services have become commoditised and focussed on tactics and just doing stuff losing the true art of marketing which is bringing people together.

We are in a place where marketing is commodotised and when things become commodities different is better than good  –  so if you want an off the shelf marketing experience then I am not your guy and FYI is not the right place for you to be-  but if you want to make a difference, stand out, achieve scale up growth and create remarkable customer experiences then  please get in touch.


Tim Elliott