Customer Journey Consultancy

We understand that some companies out there may have a better grip on their customer journey than others.

That’s why we offer a customer journey consultancy service which is perfect if you just want an expert opinion on if you got it right, or if you want it brought up to date for today’s market place.

Why not start the ball rolling by booking in a FREE Customer Journey Diagnostic Call?

Customer Journey Consultancy FAQ’s

  • How long does the consultancy last?  We charge an hourly rate so depending on the complexity and results from the diagnostic survey we can give an accurate price that can be agreed before we start.
  • You provide customer architecture, is that the same as a customer journey? Correct our model is slightly different. FYI are architects in customer journey design. The customer journey is our 3rd side so we can offer more contextual value than the other customer journey design agencies out there.
  • We use bespoke software to design our customer journey will that be a problem? Not at all, despite our experience, 99% of customer journeys have core 5 elements so we will be able to work with whatever design or mapping software you have used.
  • Can you fit our customer journey into your customer architecture model? Short answer yes.  The other 4 elements of our FYI customer architecture model just add depth and power to a customer journey map.

If you have any more questions about our customer journey design consultancy service please feel free to get in touch