Business Growth Ecosystem FAQ’s

What is a Business Growth Ecosystem? Business growth ecosystems are a model that focusses development of new, unique products and services to increase the economic return from an existing customer base or using innovate human-centred design processes to create new market places for existing products and services or creating new products and services for existing market places

How long does FYI100 business growth ecosystem take?  As suggests in the name each stage of the FYI100  model takes 100 days, 100 days to build the ecosystem through a series of in-house workshops, 100 days to study the ecology of the ecosystem through a series of consultations and finally 100 days sprint toward scale up economic growth.

What types of businesses can use the business growth ecosystem? The FYI100 model is suitable for all business types whether b2c or b2b. We have created the canvases and tools to suit all and be easily customised to suit each individual business.

How much does it cost? Each business is different. However, we can structure and spread payments to suit your budget.

Why is the business ecosystem important? The business ecosystem model is important on a number of levels. It is important for economic growth and firms ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing marketplace where the customers have all the power

Why are ecosystems designed after cities?  We chose this model because it makes sense to us all.  We all understand the purpose of each building and the infrastructure of a city because we use them.  This helps the innovation take hold in an organisation because simple ideas are easily repeated and repeated ideas make change.

Do you have to do all 3 stages of FYI100? Not at all, we do suggest implementing ecology but if you are happy with the changes and growth that building an ecosystem and implementing tourism brings then, of course, you can just not run the economic growth Sprint.

Where did the idea for FYI100 come from? We have worked in marketing and business development for almost 40 years between the 2 of us and have taken our lessons, processes and tools from our experience and other platforms like Simon Sinek’s Golden Circles, Strategyzer, Long Run Works and McKinsey all with permissions and complete transparency