FYI100 Business Growth Ecosytem

What is FYI100?

Simply put this customer-centered marketing methodology helps your business grow and deliver remarkable experiences.

We do this through three stages of our business growth ecosystem model.

  1. The creation of an ecosystem for your business,
  2. Measuring its ecology
  3. Facilitating the economic growth of your business.

To find out more about FYI100 in the deck below:





The 3 stages of FYI100  designs, builds and test growth and innovation that always works to the needs of your business.

1, The Ecosystem:

We base our FYI100 ecosystems around a human ecosystem, a city.

Cities are fantastically thought out designs that encompass multiple levels of design methodology.We believe that a business has the same ambition as a city design. To create a place where your customers can inhabit and thrive.

For example, every ecosystem has some core features:

  • Educational Centres: Where your customers can learn about your company, the industry and how you help them.
  • Commercial Centres: These are where customers come to do business IE, where they can buy from you.
  • Social Spaces: Just like a pub, you want to create social spaces where your customers can talk to each other and you.
  • Transport Routes: These are how people around and into your ecosystem – otherwise known as your marketing & communication channels.
  • Tourism Centre: In a business ecosystem tourism represents marketing and is focussed on getting new people to come visit and do business in your ecosystem.
  • Cultural Centre: Where you as a business promote your beliefs, and this is place that delivers the customer experience

Each business has elements of an ecosystem that is similar and the rest of the ecosystems infrastructure is customised to each business and more importantly what the customers need to thrive.

2, The Ecology:

Ecology is the study of the inhabitants of an ecosystem.  Once we have built an ecosystem for your business we study its effectiveness –  this is the optimisation of your organisation’s customer experience.

3, Economic Growth:

Every ecosystem is eventually judged by its economic growth. Having built your businesses ecosystem, studied its ecology and made changes we now have the foundation for scale up economic growth.  We deliver economic growth by helping you build more infrastructure, acquire more tourists and improve systems and processes.

Why you need FYI100?

Marketing is changing.  The buyer, your customer is in charge and has the information at their finger tips they need to make a buying decision without you being aware.  When information is a commodity and service is expected to be good and value for money is expected all the time the only differentiator your business has is the experience it provides.

The 3 stages FYI 100 business growth model allow you to design, manage and measure the success of every interaction between a customer and an organisation.

How we work:

FYI100 is so named because of the 100 day model we run.  100 days to build the ecosystem, 100 days study of ecology and 100 days of scale up economic growth.